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The At Home Advisor position is part of the Apple Support group, which provides customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support to Apple customers via phone, chat, or email. This job offers the opportunity to be part of this team while working from home. For apple home advisor UK

At Home Advisors are responsible for answering customer questions about Apple products, services, and accessories, including software and hardware, by phone or chat. apple home advisor UK position

Apple Home Advisor UK

Although a single At Home Advisor doesn’t cover all products at once, the products it supports include Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. At Home Advisors are also the first to know about new products long before the public hears about them.

How much will I pay?
You will learn more about salaries and benefits during the hiring process.

All Apple At Home Advisors, including part-time and full-time employees, receive a powerful package of benefits, including product discounts and paid leave.

Since you will be working where you live, you should have a quiet, non-distracting personal space with a door that can be closed to block out ambient noise. You must have or be willing to get a desk, ergonomic chair, and wired high-speed Internet connection from a trusted provider. This connection should be able to sustain a consistent speed of 10 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads, and should be able to sustain a latency of less than 150 ms while connected to Apple VPN.

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Apple will be reimbursed for Internet service. We will refund the amount discussed during the hiring process.

Apple doesn’t buy their own computers and phones. We provide iMacs and headsets for use with advisors only.

Apple will provide training for the position. Training typically lasts up to nine weeks and content is delivered through virtual online programs led by real instructors. Topics covered include Apple product lectures, advanced troubleshooting, and task-specific tools and processes. Most importantly, you can learn about Apple’s unique approach to customer support.

You will train and work in your home office using the iMac you provided for your At Home Advisor role.

Experience with Mac and Apple mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads is helpful. However, if you have experience working and troubleshooting on other operating systems such as Windows, and are willing to train on a Mac, you may be a good candidate for this program.

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You will be working during normal Apple support hours. Shift work depends on business requirements. Additional hours may be required during holidays, peak business hours and training periods.

As a support business, Apple has a high demand from customers asking for help on major holidays. Naturally, this means we need an employee who can work that day. A guaranteed holiday schedule is provided.

The ideal candidate is passionate about working with technology and helping people. You should enjoy problem solving and work independently without face-to-face supervision. And you must have good multitasking skills to manage multiple systems and applications simultaneously.

If you are interested in applying for a job with At Home Advisor, The At Home Advisor Jobs Link

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