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International Chefs Day – October 20, 2021, Happy Chefs Day

World Chef Day or international chef day is celebrated around the world on October 20 every year. This day celebrates chefs and spreads awareness of healthy eating. Each year the theme for International Chef’s Day is decided. 2020 was ‘Healthy Food for the Future’, and this year the same theme repeats itself, but with a greater emphasis on sustainability and ensuring a healthy environment for future generations. Former President of Worldchefs and renowned Master Chef, Dr. Bill Gallagher established World Chefs Day in 2004.

History of International Chefs Day

Unlike most other modern professions, chefs have played an important role in our society from the very beginning. Food is a basic need, and experimentation with food has been going on for thousands of years. In the 1st century AD, a Roman gourmet named Marcus Apicius wrote the world’s first cookbook. His book was named “Apicius” after him and is also called “The Art of Cooking”. The book contains over 400 recipes, and Marcus has traveled great distances to secure ingredients. international chef day

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In 1765, A. Boulanger opened the first store in Paris under the name of a restaurant. A sign above his door read ‘restoration’ or ‘restaurant’, referring to the soups and broths served on the menu. The word ‘restaurant’ has come to mean ‘public dining place’.

In 1809, French chef Alexis Soyer became one of Britain’s most prominent chefs, especially during the Irish potato famine of 1845-1849, for developing cheap and nutritious meals for the poor working class and working class. He also invented a field stove called the ‘Sawyer Stove’ for British soldiers who served in the Crimean War.

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A prominent French chef, Auguste Escoffier, created the brigade system and simplified kitchen mechanics in the 1870s. According to his system, each person in the kitchen performed a specific task. The system worked like an army tier. At first, the chef was in charge of the entire kitchen, then there was the sous chef and so on. His book “Cooking’s Guide” is still in print and, due to its relevance, is included in the curricula of modern culinary students.