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Caretaker Footprints Fortnite Location – Where and how to study the Caretaker’s Footprints, Fortnite game 2021

study caretakers footprints,

The second part of Fortnitemares 2021 was released on Tuesday when the 18.21 update was released. The Fortnitemares quest and rewards started at 9am EST, with a new named location in the center of the map.

There are two quest lines: Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter Challenge and Ghostbusters: The Posthumous Challenge. One of Ariana’s challenges is that the player has to study the caretaker’s footprints. Here are the locations where you can find and study the Keeper’s Footprints in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8:

Study Caretakers Footprints

To complete this challenge, you must find a total of two different footprints to study. Thankfully, the Chapter 2 Season 8 map has several locations in Fortnite where you can find the Custodian Footprints.

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One of the locations where you can find them is at Catty Corner. Go to the named location and enter from the south, you will find the footprints next to the metal container. Here’s what it looks like in-game:

One of the other locations where you can complete this is northeast of Lazy Lake. The map locations are as follows:

There are 8 different locations where you can complete this challenge. Thanks to Fortnite GG. There are locations where you can complete this challenge. Other locations on the map where you can find and study the custodian’s footprints include:

  • Holly Hedges
  • misty meadow
  • retail row
  • dirty pier
  • Bone Barb
  • coney crop
  • Beaver Beach
  • pleasant park
  • steep cliff
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Here are the locations marked on the map, along with the other two locations I’ve already marked above.

To study footprints, simply view the footprints and use the interact button.