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Salah magical goal, watford vs liverpool

Salah ‘an absolute nightmare, don’t let him shoot’ Watford vs Liverpool

The Hornets goalkeeper is in awe of how dangerous the Egyptians are in the finals and finds it difficult for goalkeepers and defenders to face him. Salah goal watford, Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has admitted that Mohamed Salah’s possession of the ball in a danger zone is a nightmare for owners.

The 38-year-old conceded five goals as Liverpool scored their top score in a Premier League away game on Saturday’s Vicarage Road.

Salah goal watford

Salah was a target and also provided an assist when the Reds rioted in the early kickoff and climbed to the top of the table before Chelsea regained position by a single-goal victory over Brentford in a later game.

Foster went on to agree with Jurgen Klopp, who went on to say that the Egyptians are the best players in the world right now.

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“I wouldn’t agree to be perfectly honest. As a goalkeeper he just cares about you when he catches the ball. He can do anything. Get in, out, shrug, his moves are amazing. ,” said Foster.

“And the speed of his work is what I like the most. He’s willing to run, a rare quality for a player with all the other qualities. As a goalkeeper you think, ‘Oh my God, don’t let him shoot.’

“Watching Liverpool up close, I disagree with the rating that Klopp is one of the best players in the world right now.”

‘I can’t believe how good Manet is’ – Klopp on Manet’s 100th PL goal
The former Manchester United shoot-stopper said the goalkeeper wasn’t the only one worried when Pharaoh’s captain caught the ball in a dangerous area.

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“His feet are very fast, and the players are afraid of trying to tackle them by hanging on their feet because they demand a penalty kick. It’s an absolute nightmare because you grab him, flip him over and inside the box he’s done,” Foster continued.

And about Salah’s goal on Saturday: “I didn’t really see it. I remember three or four players around him… And he dribbled around two, three, four, and he got one or two bodies. “I used it to protect my vision. I got the ball into the corner and it was great.”