Hackers lay claim to Donald Trump’s social app before its launch, with fake account Trump

President Donald J. Trump announced on Wednesday evening that he would make a “media powerhouse.” with trump social media app. In a statement, he said he would focus on Truth Social, a Twitter-like social network that would “fight against the tyranny of big tech”.

Trump social media app

Within two hours, hackers had access to a private version of the social network and created a fake account of Trump. far-right personality Stephen K. Bannon; QAnon conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins; And Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who blocked Trump from Twitter on January 6 after his supporters stormed the Capitol. Trump social media app

Hackers used a fake “Donald Trump” account to post images of pig droppings, use abusive language at Mr. Dossi and ask the whereabouts of former First Lady Melania Trump. Images of the hacker’s work have been circulated on other social media platforms.

In an interview on Thursday, hackers affiliated with the loose hacking group Anonymous said the effort was part of an “online war on hate.”

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After a hiatus of several years, Anonymous has re-emerged as a digital force against the far right. The group shut down the Texas Republican website after an anti-abortion bill was recently passed and replaced it with a planned parent fundraiser. And last month, Anonymous hacked Epik, an internet service company popular with the far-right, leaking 220GB of data, including customer personal information.

Hackers uncovered the insides of Truth Social before launch, showing that Trump’s upcoming social network has loose protections and opens the door to spoofing by anyone, including the former president.

In an online presentation on Wednesday, President Trump unveiled the social network as part of the Trump Media and Technology Group, which aims to become a large-scale social media platform.

A spokesman for the Trump Media Company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We had a great time trolling it high into heaven,” said Aubrey Cottle, Anonymous’ hacker, nicknamed Kirtaner, in an interview.

The Truth Social app will be available for “pre-order” in the Apple App Store on Wednesday, and anyone interested can sign up for a launch waitlist. Cottle said the digital crumbs in the post could give him and other Anonymous hackers access to pre-release versions of the app.

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Kottle said hackers posted memes from spoofed accounts of Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence and other celebrities.

This activity forced app developers at Trump Media & Technology Group to ban new accounts and eventually shut down their development platform. (The New York Times saw screenshots supporting the hacker’s claims.)

The leak and its aftermath didn’t stop the stock of Trump’s SPAC company Digital World Acquisition from soaring as high as 400% on Thursday after news broke Wednesday of a merger that would launch Trump’s social media platform.