Starfox (Eros) Marvel Character

Born on Saturn’s moon Titan, Eros marvel is an Eternal who loves life, adventure and romance, earning him the nickname the thug of the heart. He joins Earth’s Avengers as Starfox.

Eros of the Titans
750,000 years ago, mentor A’Lars of the Eternals, a cosmic-powered subspecies of mankind, chose to leave Earth after his brother Zuras became leader of the Eternals. A’Lars travels to Saturn’s moon Titan, where a horde of exiled Eternals slaughtered each other. The only survivors, Sui-San, A’Lars, and his step-wife will transform the Titan into paradise, inhabited by their children and other genetically engineered people. The ruler of Titan, A’Lars, creates the ISAAC, a computer that meets all of Titan’s technical requirements.eros marvel

Eros marvel, the youngest son of Mentor and Susan, was born with the ability to stimulate the pleasures of others. This power does not affect his mutant brother Thanos.
Deviant’s Syndrome, which is physically disgusting to co-workers. Thanos grew up worshiping the cosmic incarnation of death, and he conducts pathological experiments on various titans. After dissecting Sui-san and killing several other Eternals, Thanos escapes from Titan upon discovery. Unlike his brother, Eros loves life and often visits other systems for adventure and romance, including the Earth remembered as a legend.

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forever universe
Eros, the Eternal, can utilize cosmic energy for a variety of purposes. However, he did not fully develop his potential. For example, he seems to have little or no proficiency in molecular restructuring. But he once helped reverse one of Sersi’s transformations. He has superhuman strength (rank 25), stamina, metabolism, and regeneration. Immune to terrestrial diseases, he is virtually immortal and also ages much more slowly than most humanoid humans. He is over 1000 years old.

Eros can surround himself with a personal force field, allowing him to travel underwater and in space, fly at speeds of up to 800 miles per hour, and perform telekinesis stunts using his gravitational abilities. Eros can speak 500 alien languages.

Eros has the ability to stimulate the pleasure centers in other people’s brains, which are often released unconsciously, causing intoxicating effects. Concentration can amplify the effect, causing euphoria, arousal, sedation and/or sedation. Beings without a pleasure center, including Thanos, are immune to this effect.

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power-hungry enemy
Eros often has a complicated relationship with his brother Thanos, who seeks to destroy the universe. They are brothers and Eros is with him from time to time, but he spends most of his time fighting the Mad Titans, joining forces with the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dark Guardians to gain power. to oppose him.

Avengers Allies
Eros is famous for having many lovers across the galaxy. His only steady relationship is with Heater Delight. When it comes to team building, Eros joins forces with Kree Mar-Vell, aka Captain Marvel, united with human Rick Jones against Thanos. The two become close friends.

Eros, one of the Eternals on Titan, spends time here and there, but eventually ventures to Earth to join the Avengers.