IOS 15.0.2

Ios 15.0.2 Update Bug Fixes Features

iOS 15.0.2 features

Apple has released iOS 15.0.2 build number 19A404, which contains bug fixes and security updates for all compatible iPhones. This release comes exactly one week after the release of iOS 15.0.1 and patches a series of issues that surfaced after the public release of iOS 15!

Download iOS 15.0.2

  • This update is available over the air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download & Install, enter your passcode and wait for iOS 15.0.2 to download and ready to update.
  • Tap Install Now or wait for the timer to elapse before the installation begins. The update has been confirmed.
  • Next, your iPhone screen will turn black and you will see the white Apple logo in the center of the screen with an installation progress bar.
  • Your iPhone will automatically restart to mark the end of the update process.

The size of the iOS 15.0.2 update file is 500.8 MB. The size depends on the iPhone model and iOS version you want to upgrade to.

iOS 15.0.2 Release Notes
Apple informs you that this update ‘contains bug fixes and important security updates’ for iPhone. A full list of issue fixes can be found in the Bug Fixes section below.

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iOS 15.0.2 Security Content
For the security implications of this update, use the screenshots uploaded here or visit the Apple Support website!

iOS 15.0.2 Bug Fixes

  • Saved photos may be removed from messages after you delete the original conversation thread.
  • iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe does not link to Find My app.
  • AirTag is not showing in Find My tab.
  • CarPlay crashes when opening the audio app or disconnects during playback.
  • Device restore or update may fail when using Finder/iTunes for iPhone 13 models.

iOS 15.0.2 bug
In addition to the issues reported as fixed in the release notes, over the past few weeks we’ve covered the first day of iOS 15 issues. It’s not mentioned in the update log, but I’m testing it to see if it’s fixed in iOS 15.0.2, so it’s listed below.

Known Issues
-Facebook Messenger video flashes while playing. (Update: Facebook fixed it with an update available on the App Store!)
-Safari videos show a black screen during playback.
-iPhone storage calculation is incorrect.
-iOS 15 touchscreen issue, devices requiring repeated taps to register input.
-Notifications not working on various stocks and 3rd party apps

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New Bug
Are you experiencing any new issues with iOS 15.0.2? Please comment using the comments section. We will clone them and try to find a workaround. The list is open here.

– FaceTime crashes when answering a call. (unconfirmed)
– Turn off Do Not Disturb until I don’t work with this location. DND is not automatically disabled when you leave. (iOS 15 bug, not isolated on iOS 15.0.2)
– Safari doesn’t load web browser games properly. The game crashes every few minutes.

iOS 15.0.2 Features
Apple doesn’t comment on new features in their release notes. However, minor changes may still have gone through the radar. If you find something new, let us know using the comments section. All changes will be updated here.

to be updated.

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 15.0.2? Did you notice any other changes not mentioned in this article? Share your thoughts using the comments section.

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