Latest Windows 10 Patch Tuesday KB5006670 has more printing problems? How To FIx It

The printing problem on Windows seems like an endless story. Just a few days ago, I wrote about a Brother printer printing issue inside Windows 11, but there are reports of printing issues over the network, marked KB5006670 printer in the October patch Tuesday update for Windows 10. .. Users affected by this issue will receive a “0x00000709” or “element not found” error when trying to print.

Recent printing issues over the network seem to be well documented by Microsoft itself. For example, the company has released the KB5005611 update. This fixes a similar issue where the printer driver for newly connected devices did not install after the last update.

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kb5006670 printer

Here’s how Microsoft described this issue:

Devices that try to connect to a network printer for the first time after installing KB5005565 may not be able to download and install the required printer driver. Devices that are connected to the printer and installed before installing KB5005565 printer are not affected.

Another issue related to network printing over the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is also on the list of known issues and has not been resolved. This issue occurred on KB5005565 as in the previous issue. Here’s how to explain the problem:

After installing KB5005565, printer installation using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) may not complete successfully.

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Going back to the printing issues introduced in the new KB5006670, a simple workaround if you encounter the issue is to uninstall the updates using the Remove Updates option in Settings. This option is available in the View Update History section of Updates and Security in Settings. Alternatively, you can use the command prompt to run the command “wusa / uninstall / kb: 5006670” as an administrator.

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