Ehsaas Rashan: Low income families can apply online to get Rs1,000 ration discount November 2021

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Poverty Reduction and Social Protection (SAPM) announced on Tuesday that low-income families are now able to apply for distribution discounts on the online portal of the Ehsas Rashan programme.

According to Dr. Sania, ehsaas rashan program offers a monthly discount of 1,000 rupees and provides 20 million families with a 30% subsidy for every purchase of flour, legumes, ghee and cooking oil.

Ehsaas Rashan Program

A statement issued on behalf of the aide said that only one person per household could apply for the facility.

Dr. Nashtal advised families wishing to apply to ensure that the mobile phone number provided in the application is registered in the name of the family applying for the discount.

She said that if eligible, only the applicant would be eligible to collect the distribution at a discount. She added that within four weeks of registration, 8171 will notify her of her eligibility to use the facility via SMS.

Ehsas, in collaboration with the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), has developed a digital mobile point of sale system to serve beneficiaries through a network of NBP designated Kiriana stores across the country.

Owners of participating Kiryana stores must open a bank account. This will increase financial inclusion and expand digital transactions in Pakistan through payments made through RAAST.

Dr. Nishtar urged retailers to open accounts at nearby bank branches, adding that the government would offer them special incentives and attractive sales commissions.

She said retailers can also apply to take advantage of distribution discounts.

How do you register?
Regarding the procedure, Dr. Sania said that Kiriyana merchants need to download the app related to the Android smartphones, enter the customer’s CNIC number, and deliver the benefits immediately after authentication from the backend.

The customer receives the verification code entered by the Kiryana seller in the application.

“Such a system was developed to prevent corruption and abuse,” she said.
Dr. expressed. Sania hopes the system will be up and running within 3-4 weeks once the registration process is complete.

Kiriyana merchants who have a valid bank account to receive grants from across the country are eligible to enroll in this program after physical confirmation.

As said by Dr. Sunni The government will benefit registered merchants in the amount of subsidies and encourage them to serve more.

Eligibility criteria
Sania Neshater also announced that the Ehsas Rashan program will cover 20 million families across Pakistan with a poverty degree below 39 and a monthly income of 31,000 rupees.

SAPM said 60 percent of Pakistan’s population will benefit from this programme, according to our estimates. “By using this system, we can offer more benefits and increase the amount of money,” she added.