F1 Brazilian GP sprint race: What time is it, how to watch it & more 2021

The entire race weekend format has been modified to support the new format. This format will be used as a preliminary trial at three Grand Prix this season. The first will be held at the British Grand Prix in July and the second will be held at the Italian Grand Prix. During September.

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest in qualifying before the Brazilian Grand Prix, 0.438 seconds ahead of F1 title rival Max Verstappen.

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Brazilian Grand Prix sprint fastest Lap

However, while Mercedes drivers will be penalized fifth for engine replacement at Sunday’s Grand Prix, Hamilton is also investigating DRS technical breaches, which could result in disqualification from qualifying. .. That is, he starts the sprint. rear end. From the network.

Hamilton’s DRS host survey has been postponed until Saturday morning. “Because they are waiting for more evidence that is not available until morning.”

Valtteri Bottas finished third in qualifying ahead of another Red Bull led by Sergio Perez, and Pierre Guthrie again led Alvatore’s “best of what’s left” midfield in fifth.

Guthrie drove Ferrari Carlos Sainz Jr. in 6th, Charles Leclerc in 7th, McLaren Duo Lando Norris in 8th, Daniel Ricciardo in 9th in the sprint race, and Fernando Alonso in the top 10 in Alvin. bottom.

What is an F1 Sprint Race?
The F1 race is basically a shortened version of the regular race, which is 100km shorter than the regular 305km Grand Prix distance (excluding the Monaco GP) and has no forced stops. Below is a complete description of how the F1 Sprint Qualifying Race works.

Sprint Racing has been used to spice up action in many other series, including the Formula 2 Nutrient series, but with its own variations. For example, in F2, the sprint covers 120 km and the featured race covers 170 km, but it’s not very exciting.

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Verstappen won the first Formula 1 fast race in Silverstone ahead of Hamilton. After Hamilton took pole position in the sprint, the Dutch driver defeated world title rivals on the opening lap, defended his position to take pole position in the Grand Prix and scored three world championship points in the sprint. .. Hamilton finished second in the race with two points, and his teammate Valtteri Bottas finished third with one point.

In the second F1 sprint race at Monza, Valtteri Bottas won the race from Verstappen and Ricardo from McLaren, but the Finns started the Grand Prix from behind the podium due to a power unit change penalty.

Saturday afternoon’s F1 event is a 100km, 24 lap live race in Interlagos, where the final standings will determine the final grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix after a grid penalty has been applied. The race lasts about 30 minutes and is expected to “time out” after a total of 60 minutes. If the session is flagged as red, the maximum total session time is 90 minutes.

The starting order for the sprint event will be determined by the traditional Q1, Q2 and Q3 qualifiers held on Friday night. The only major change is that the driver will only use soft tires for the session.

There are also two practice sessions at the Brazilian Grand Prix. One before qualifying on Friday and the other before the sprint race late Saturday afternoon.

Drivers are free to choose tires for sprint racing, and Pirelli offers soft, medium and hard tires (at Interlagos, these are the three middle options C2, C3 and C4). Is required.
What time does the Brazilian Grand Prix sprint start?
The Brazilian Grand Prix sprint race is expected to begin on Saturday, November 13th at 4:30 pm local time (7:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time) and last 30 minutes.

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Date: Saturday, November 13, 2021
Start time: 4:30 pm local time-7:30 pm GMT

How many laps will the sprint run at the Brazilian Grand Prix?
24 laps-Interlagos

The F1 qualifying race will cover 100km and add up to 24 laps of the 4,309km scheme of the Interlagos Grand Prix circuit.

Will points be awarded in sprint races?
Formula 1 World Championship points can also be used in Formula One races. The winner will receive 3 points, the runner-up will receive 2 points, and the 3rd place will receive 1 point. There are no bonus points for the fastest roll.

The main event at the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday will maintain the normal scoring system at both the driver and constructor world championships. This includes bonus points for the fastest lap of drivers who finish in the top 10.

How do I see the Brazilian Grand Prix sprint?
In the UK, all F1 practice, qualifying and racing will be broadcast live on Sky Sports F1 and coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix will begin at 6:30 pm BST.

Channel: Sky Sports F1
Start time: 6:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time

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