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Fix Xbox Game Pass Error 0x8007023e in Windows System

Several Xbox Game Pass subscribers recently encountered xbox error 0x8007023e while playing games on their PC or Xbox console. When this happens, you cannot play Xbox games that require a subscription. However, you can still play free+ games like Roblox, Solitaire, Forza Street, and more.

Xbox error 0x8007023e Solution

1] Check Xbox Status
There is nothing you can do about it, because sometimes MS servers run into problems. Xbox Status | Xbox support. Here you will find three status keys, up and running, limited and major outages.
Now that you know about the three status keys, check out the game and its current status. If you notice a limited or massive outage, take a break from your Xbox game for a few hours. Microsoft is fully aware of the current scenario and is working on that team. We will fix this bug in a few hours and you will be able to play the game on PC or console very easily.

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2] Xbox hard reset
If the current status is OK on the Xbox Support page, the problem may be caused by an internal glitch. To fix this issue, you will need to perform a hard reset on your Xbox console. Here’s how to do this:

Press the Xbox button to enter the guide.
Select Profiles & System > Settings > System > Console Information.
Here you will find the option to reset the console. Well, click on it.
There are three options to choose from in the reset console.
Click “Reset and keep my games and apps” and your Xbox will start fresh, keeping all your games and apps.

Note: You can also update your console when an update is available.

3] Reinstall the buggy game
If you’re still seeing Game Pass error 0x8007023e after hard resetting your console, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game in question.