xbox console shortage

Xbox New Console Shortages in 2022

Xbox Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer has some bad news for gaming fans. Finding an Xbox console for 2022 isn’t going to be easy as the company is facing a console shortage.

In a recent Rap interview, Spencer explained that chip shortages were the cause of the continuing Microsoft Xbox shortage. But Spencer hints that this isn’t entirely due to “chip issues.” “If you think about it now, getting the parts you need to make a console now and putting it on the market in demand means there are several pinch points along the way,” he said. And, unfortunately, I think it will be with us for months, months, until the end of this year and next year.”

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Spencer reassures fans that Microsoft is investigating this issue extensively and is working hard to release a console that meets the requirements. The next-gen console first launched almost a year ago. Spencer’s comments confirm that the issue is not going to be resolved anytime soon. As COVID-19 impacts global chip shortages, it remains difficult for companies to meet consumer demand. This is the latest update for the current Xbox console.

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