Giant Planet

Massive Planet 10 Times Bigger Than Jupiter Biggest Planet Ever Know

Scientists have discovered a large sphere orbiting a superhero once thought impossible to form by humans.

The discovery of a planet dubbed “b Centauri (AB) b” or “b Centauri b” broadly disproves the beliefs of astronomers, according to a research report published in the science fiction journal on Wednesday.

The European Southern Observatory, which photographed the Chilean desert with a large telescope, said, “So far, no planets more than three times the size of the Sun have been discovered.”

“This has completely changed the image of astronomers,” said Markus Janson, professor of astronomy at the University of Stockholm, who led the study.

The double “Type B”, located in the middle of the constellation Centauri, is very large and warm. The European Southern Observatory said, “It emits ultraviolet and X-rays that have a strong effect on the surrounding gas.”

“It is believed that it would be difficult to build a large planet around a B-type star,” Janson said in a statement.

The results of the study were published in July and were published in Nature on Wednesday. “The results suggest that the planet may be in a larger system than could be expected from the crime of previous consequences,” the researchers said.

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The newly discovered B Centauri (AB) b is an exoplanet outside our solar system, “10 times larger than Jupiter and one of the worst planets ever discovered,” the researchers said.

Author of Gayatri Viswanath, Ph.D. A student at the University of Stockholm said in his press release that “it’s a secluded world with a different environment than what you see on Earth and in our solar system.”

“It’s a very powerful environment, controlled by extreme radiation, and everything is on a very large scale. There are many stars, large planets and distant places,” Viswanath said.

Analysts note that the planet’s 100-fold orbit to the point between Jupiter and the Sun is “the most discovered.” “From the two stars in the middle, this distance could be the key to keeping the world alive,” he said.

The photos released this month are the first since world recognition, but the b(AB)b Centauri has been captured but not identified by previous telescopes, the researchers said.

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Janson said the emails and the investigation led him and his colleagues to expand the BEAS study, which looked at 85 similar stars.

“We’ll try to free up more telescope time for long-range analysis,” Janson wrote, “and we’ll explore all our telescopic memories of higher stars we may have seen earlier.”

“Overall, I think the search power for big stars in the field will increase. Not only when exploring planets, but also to define planets, find their parts, and learn more about them .. how they are formed. .”