Son Doong Cave – Vietnam’s Natural Wonder Is Featured On Google

Son Doong Cave – Vietnam’s herbal marvel is featured on Google homepage of 17 international locations and territories

Vietnam, April 14th, 2022 – Today, Son Doong collapse Quang Binh, Vietnam, turned into officially discovered in 2009 as the sector’s largest cave – is featured as Google’s Doodle at the Google homepage of 17 countries and territories, together with Vietnam, Virgin Islands (US territory), UK, Sweden, Greece, Singapore… On this occasion, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is coordinating with Google, Quang Binh Department of Tourism, and Oxalis Adventure to promote the beautiful Son Doong and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park as a kick-start of a tourism promotion for Vietnam post-pandemic.

Majestic Son Doong promoted in 17 nations and territories

Today, Doodle Son Doong cave is featured on Google’s homepage to rejoice the day this majestic and largest cave on Earth changed into officially discovered on an day trip by means of the neighborhood farmer Ho Khanh and a group of the British Cave Research Association. Doodle Son Doong recreates the legendary scene of the giant doline located further in the cave. The breathtaking limestone bureaucracy and specific sun shades of wild forest vegetables are lit up under the sunbeams. The massive sinkhole lets in sunlight and rainfall to nourish the atmosphere of the primary forest, that’s home to numerous creatures together with squeaking bats, and howling monkeys. The whole first-boom woodland that is strongly growing proper in this majestic cave will maintain to amaze any Son Doong site visitors, even expert explorers.

Son Doong’s admirers can view this Son Doong Doodle on the Google homepage throughout 17 nations and territories: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras Republic, Mexico, Moldova Republic, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Virgin Islands (US territory), and the United Kingdom. This is how Google has been showing help for Vietnam’s tradition – delicacies – sights and promoting them to the arena.  

Son Doong cave – One-of-a-kind herbal wonder within the global

Son Doong cave turned into certified by the Guinness World Records, World Records Association as the most massive cave globally, with 150 meters by width, 200 meters by means of height, and as much as 9 kilometers through length. Son Doong cave is nestled in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park – the largest national park in Vietnam overlaying a place of round 1,233km2 (~304k acres) . Phong Nha – Ke Bang is dubbed as ‘cave state’, as besides over 350 caves were determined, right here now not most effective you could discover the arena’s largest cave but also the world’s 3rd largest cave – En. One can check in each caves in a single trek expedition whilst En cave is chosen to be the primary checkpoint on the first day of the four-day Son Doong trek. 

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Known as “the king of caves”, Mr. Howard Limbert – one of the first actual BCRA contributors that found Son Doong give way 2009 – stated: “I changed into fortunate to have explored seven hundred caves at some stage in Vietnam,  and 350 of them are in Quang Binh. And it’s simply some thing to discover the largest cave in the world handiest in this twenty first century. Imagine you discovered a taller mountain than Everest. [..] I accept as true with Son Doong is precise and now not but fully studied. Big caves have clouds in huge chambers however have jungles inside the cave and their personal weather gadget –  I assume Son Doong is pretty unique. There are new species to be observed via scientists… We hope within the close to destiny to bring professionals on plants and bats to study as there is still a variety of paintings to be finished. The final underwater section continues to be to be finished.”

To explore and witness this majestic global’s natural marvel, ‘explorers’ will experience a aggregate of adventure sports in one day trip, together with forest hiking, flow wadding, trekking, or even kayaking during the wet season… which calls for some affordable physical power and trekking revel in. In the past five years, Son Doong cave has welcomed three,500 site visitors to discover the cave; Oxalis Adventure – the sole Son Doong day trip excursion revealed.

The majesty and wildness create the rare splendor of Son Doong Cave ( Photo by Oxalis Adventure )

Join palms to promote Vietnam – Live fully in Vietnam

Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said: “The Son Doong cave venerated on Google’s homepage today is the pleasure of Quang Binh and of Vietnam’s tourism industry in general. As the most important cave within the global, definitely the grandeur, specific terrain, and exquisite scenery of Son Doong will supply site visitors an outstanding and overwhelming revel in. I’d like to mention that Vietnam has formally reopened to worldwide tourism with easy entry approvals and testing policies; we’ve got additionally resumed ordinary visa issuance rules. Everything is ready to welcome travelers from all over the global to come and  have the whole enjoy in Vietnam.” 

Visitors interested in Son Doong cave can also experience the 360-view and admire its beauty on Wonders of Vietnam – a web exhibition on Google Arts & Culture (GAC) launched at the beginning of 2021. Here, 35 exhibitions and heaps of pix and videos of Vietnam may be accessed within some clicks to convey out the proper experience of Vietnam’s cultures, historical histories, arts and cuisines for online visitors.  This is likewise one of the projects that the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism cooperated with Google to sell Vietnamese destinations and tourism. 

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“In recent years, Son Doong cave has been an iconic enchantment also to promote Quang Binh and Vietnam tourism to the arena. People of Quang Binh and myself are proud to peer Son Doong featured on Google’s homepage to well known its splendor and price and introduce it to the world. Thanks to the development of the tourism and conservation plan of Son Doong within  Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, it has created many job possibilities for the area people, contributed to economic restructure, advanced the great of lifestyles right here and positioned Phong Nha- Ke Bang on international travelers’ maps.” Mr. Ho An Phong – Vice Chairman of Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee

“2013 marked a fantastic milestone for Oxalis whilst the Son Doong day trip inspiration was formally proposed to the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province for approval. Up until now, Son Doong cave has contributed highly to the tourism of Quang Binh, helped to create solid jobs for local people, and the financial development of the province. Notably in 2019, Son Doong become delivered to nearly a hundred film producers, directors, and scene directors proper within the world’s film capital Hollywood as a ‘perfect aesthetic’ vacation spot for movies. We keep to layout unique forms of tourism to convey appeal to Quang Binh tourism inside the future.” Mr. Chau A Nguyen – Director of Oxalis Adventure Tour, shared.

Besides Son Doong doodle, Google has promoted iconic Vietnam’s subculture, delicacies and locations in the past, together with Banh Mi doodle, Phở doodle, Hoi An historic metropolis doodle as a dedication to promote Vietnam to the world.

*) Doodles are the amusing, surprising and sometimes spontaneous changes which are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of well-known artists, pioneers and scientists. Since 2003, the Vietnam Google homepage ( has located many Doodle masterpieces as Google’s manner to honor the specific tradition in Vietnam in addition to have fun traditional gala’s which include Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, National Day, special characters such as songwriter Trinh Cong Son, poet Xuan Quynh, artist Bui Xuan Phai…

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