Lionel Messi’s $2 Million Soccer Ball Shaped Home

Lionel Messi’s $2 Million Mansions

The only thing more impressive than lionel messi’s skill on the soccer pitch is his real estate. The soccer superstar who has an estimated net worth of about 400 million dollars has used his fortune to buy numerous stunning mansions famous architects from around the world.

Have designed mansion concepts for messi spanish architect luis de garido designed an incredibly unique soccer ball shaped home specifically for messi. Digari one zero eco house is an environmentally sustainable concept that looks like a giant soccer ball when viewed from above.

The stunning mansion is a perfect homage to one of soccer’s all-time greats here’s a look at. The 8.2 million dollar one zero echo house concept. Barcelona superstar lionel messi has lived in some amazing mansions over the years the six-time balloon d ‘or winner currently lives in a stunning mediterranean-themed mansion just outside of central Barcelona, that is reportedly worth seven million dollars.

Messi bought the lavish mansion in 2009 for a mere two million dollars and since then he has spent millions of dollars renovating the palatial estate to make it perfect for his wife and three young sons. Messi’s mansion is conveniently located in gorgeous casteldafels which is part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Messi lives in the upscale neighborhood of bellamar and his amazing mansion is only 25 kilometers from downtown barcelona it’s easy for messi to get to soccer matches because his mansion is only 19 kilometers from camp nou football stadium, which is the home stadium of fc Barcelona.

Messi likes to relax after a grueling practice or hard-fought game thankfully. His amazing mansion is filled with amenities that he can enjoy in his downtime his mansion has a swimming pool gym spa and even a movie theater there’s even a small soccer pitch where messi can perfect his skills. The interior of messi’s mansion is as impressive as the exterior the mediterranean theme really makes the mansion pop and the panoramic windows. offer stunning views of the catalan hills and nearby mediterranean sea la pulga’s extravagant mansion has a modern design and features a terrace where he can relax and cook up some barbecue. It’s the perfect place for messi to chill with his family and two dogs.

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The interior of messi’s mansion is elegant and tasteful the color scheme is muted and classy the walls are painted in various shades of beige and brown while the floors have a chestnut hue. The interior is filled with huge comfy couches and elegant walnut-colored furniture. Messi’s mansion is peaceful and quiet, the area above his stunning estate is actually a no-fly zone so he doesn’t have to worry about being disturbed in the middle of the night by noisy planes.

Messi’s current mansion is very impressive but the argentinian phenom once had the opportunity to live in an even cooler mansion famed spanish architect luis de garido designed a soccer ball shaped mansion called one zero eco house specifically for messi. The incredibly unique mansion never made it past the design stage but the concept images and blueprints of the distinctive abode paint a very interesting picture de garido is an expert in the field of sustainable architecture so naturally. The concept he created for messi included plenty of eco-friendly features, digarido was inspired by messi and the soccer ball shaped mansion he designed includes numerous hidden features and design cues that reference the famous footballer. If you take a look at the concept art of 1-0 eco house you will notice many easter eggs the mansion doesn’t just look like a soccer ball when viewed from above the garage and mansion together form the number 10, which is messi’s number.

The entire estate also looks like a soccer pitch from above digarido designed the home in collaboration with the national association for sustainable architecture and he proposed that the mansion be built in a forested area near sant andreo de la veneris which is about 40 kilometers north of barcelona. One zero eco house would certainly offer messi more privacy than his current mansion and if the soccer ball shaped mansion were to be built it would cost about 8.2 million dollars. The roof of one zero ecohouse is laid out in a hexagonal pattern to mimic a soccer ball three of the rooftop segments feature a triangular grid of environmentally friendly glass while the other three segments are meant to be covered in lush grass. The center part of the rooftop was designed to be an ideal location for a rooftop garden while designing one zero eco house degarito’s goal was to make the mansion blend in with nature. The concept art makes that very clear if it is ever built one zero eco house would feature a huge backyard pool and massive front lawn together.

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These two segments would look like a massive soccer pitch one zero eco house would have two levels and feature large wooden terraces that would span the circumference of the mansion large windows would offer views of the surrounding forest and the skylight would bring in plenty of natural light. Degarido designed one zero eco house to be completely sustainable and not generate any waste he says the mansion would be powered using only natural energy like solar power and geothermal power. According to degarido a lot of time and research went into designing the project it took approximately 10 months to finish. Designing the one zero eco house project and a combined total of 10 architects worked on the project degario was involved in the process from start to finish and he designed all architectural and engineering elements from scratch.

De garido has designed over 7 000 houses and 300 advanced projects in his career one of the most famous designs is the eye of horus eco house which was rumored to be designed for supermodel naomi campbell on the turkish island of sadira dasi digarido designed the eye of horus eco house concept to be completely energy water and food self-sufficient.

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